Living as a digital nomad is one of the most exciting and rewarding lifestyles for making a living, and the United States has some of the best cities for working and living remotely. From the bustling city life of Austin to the stunning outdoors of San Diego, you can flourish as a digital nomad in the US. BIITS shares our top four US cities for digital nomads, as well as some proven business tips to keep you successful!

Digital Nomad Business Best Practices

While there are plenty of perks to being a digital nomad, success isn’t just going to come to you. You must think of your services as a business and take the initiative to stay organized. For example, establishing an LLC for your business can provide essential protection for yourself and your assets. It also allows for tax flexibility and provides limited liability protection to keep you and your business secure. Plus, filing is fairly easy, and you can do it online through a formation service.

Here are a few other steps to take for long-term success:

  • Choose the best places for you to work by researching available infrastructure and living costs.
  • Be sure to set up reliable communication systems such as VoIP or video conferencing software to keep in touch with your team.
  • Stay informed about the laws and regulations where you’re working to ensure your business stays on solid legal footing.
  • Prioritize self-care; establish a routine and take breaks when you need them.

1. Austin, TX

Boosting a vibrant job market and ample outdoor activities, Austin is a tech hub perfect for digital nomads. The city is home to some of the biggest names in technology, including Apple, Dell, and IBM, making it a great place to stay ahead of the game.

With a world-class music scene, plenty of art galleries, and lively bar culture, Austin also offers plenty of opportunities to blow off steam after a day’s work at one of the many coworking spaces. From local dives to full-on dance clubs, there’s something for everyone. You can even escape the city life via one of the many hiking trails or Lakeside parks!

2. Nashville, TN

Nashville is a central location, so it’s easy to access other cities and attractions (such as the Great Smoky Mountains) while also benefiting from a thriving job market. The city provides a superb balance between professional and personal life; it’s full of culture, creative energy, and amenities.

The entrepreneurial spirit in Nashville is alive and well. Countless start-ups in various sectors (e.g., technology, hospitality, retail, etc.) call the city their home. There is also a vibrant ecosystem with coworking spaces, business owner resources, and a lower cost of living than most other major US cities.

3. Madison, WI

Yet another city that offers variety — Madison can give you everything from beautiful lakeside views and winding bike paths to an array of local coffee shops and restaurants. In other words, you’ll flourish here if you love outdoor activities and want a taste of city life without busting your budget! With one of the highest job markets in the Midwest and plenty of green spaces, you can easily attain a work/life balance here!

Moreover, getting an apartment in Madison is easy with online listings. Be sure to filter your search by amenities, number of bedrooms, price, and other characteristics to quickly find a home within your budget.

4. Miami, FL

Looking to strike the perfect balance between work and play? Miami is an excellent destination to accomplish that as a digital nomad. With its warm climate, you can enjoy sunny days year-round. That said, it also has vibrant nightlife energy, rich culture, and unique entertainment options to offer!


Flourishing as a digital nomad is challenging, as it requires patience, perseverance, and the willingness to step out of your comfort zone. However, you can position yourself for endless opportunities for growth and learning by forming an LLC, handling the other business tasks above, and choosing the right city to live in.

It doesn’t get much better than the US when it comes to finding a balance between recreation and productivity. Get ready to thrive as a digital nomad in America!

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