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Private Cloud and Virtualization

Is your IT staff stretched too thin? Are competing projects pulling them in too many directions?

Let Biits, LLC lighten the load of your IT team. We can take over the “nuts and bolts” aspects of your technology, such as managing your company’s cloud and virtualization efforts, so that your IT staff can focus on the specialized, strategic projects that will inevitably grow your business.

We understand the topography of today’s changing business environment and use this knowledge to support your company. Our knowledge, coupled with an array of award-winning private cloud and virtualization services, is an invaluable asset to any organization.

Private Cloud/Cloud Hosting

In today’s climate, the cloud is essential to the technological infrastructure of any business, allowing files to be accessed from multiple offices and remote locations.

Biits LLC’s private cloud services comes with additional security not found in public cloud services. With Biits, you control who is accessing your files. So you can rest easy knowing that your company’s most sensitive information is locked securely away.


Biits, LLC allows you to work entirely from the cloud with virtualization services. By working in the digital space, your company doesn’t have to be tied to a single location to run efficiently.

Our virtualization services include Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), hosted desktops, hosted services, and colocation services. Services can be added or removed in a matter of hours, which allows you to scale everything based on your company’s most immediate needs.

Why Choose Biits, LLC

Biits, LLC combines quality service with top-notch expertise for an IT solution that works for you. We adapt our technology to fit your company, which allows you to grow and thrive on your terms.

Give us a call to take your company to the next level.